Law enforcement trainer: Fayetteville officer didn't need to use Taser five times on handcuffed suspect

29 March 2022

— The Fayetteville Police Department has released video footage of an officer deploying a Taser on a man in handcuffs.

On Monday, WRAL News exclusively obtained the video of Fayetteville police sergeant Francis Allen Terry deploying a Taser five times into the back of Zachery Brown, who was arrested on Feb. 26 on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

WRAL News had Wellington Scott, the chief operating officer for Holly Springs-based National Command and Staff College, review the video. National Command and Staff College is an accredited and certified educational institution for law enforcement and police leadership.

“The thing is, [Brown] is cuffed and they have the numbers and he’s been searched and he’s unarmed,” Scott said.

The video shows four police officers in the room when the Taser got deployed.

“The officers had the numbers,” Scott said. “I mean they had officers in position to take him down should he resist.”

When the first Taser did not affect Brown, Terry fired a second Taser probe. The video shows Terry shocking Brown two more times before the medic takes his blood.

Scott believes one of the other officers should have stopped Terry from using the Taser.

“Had somebody intervened and say, ‘Hey, let’s go another way with this,’ perhaps (Terry) would not have had to resign and these two other officers would not be under investigation,” Scott said.

Terry, 53, faces a charge of assault with a deadly weapon for firing on Brown.

When Brown was arrested on Feb. 26, he refused to take a breathalyzer or blood test to determine his blood alcohol levels, according the warrant for Terry’s arrest.

“Brown was not a physical threat to [Terry], other Fayetteville Police Department officers present or the lead paramedic that was present,” the warrant alleges.

Video shows Brown sitting in a chair with his hands handcuffed in front of him while police officers questioned him at the Cumberland County Detention Center in Fayetteville. Terry ordered Brown to stand up and turn away from the officers, which he did. Terry then fired his Taser at Brown while he was turned around, according to the arrest warrant.

“Catch him,” someone says in the video. “Get him under control.”

The video shows after the Taser is fired into Brown’s back, three officers get him to the ground. The officers then strap up Brown’s legs, the video shows.

Brown is calm through most of the 15-minute, 43-second video, but he gets agitated when officers demand blood for evidence.

“I promise you … you bring them in here thinking they’re going to put some needles in my arms… they’re going to have a bad day,” Brown said in the video.

The officers leave the room and return with a medic. Viewers can see Terry with a Taser in his hand.

Both Fayetteville’s police chief and the Cumberland County sheriff told WRAL News a Taser should never be used to force anyone into submission to give blood or take any sobriety test. Rather, if a suspect refuses a test, he or she could have their driver’s license revoked for a period of time.

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