NC 'monster' sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to one woman's murder, federal authorities connect him to several others

23 June 2022

— A North Carolina man was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to killing an elderly woman and hiding her body. Investigators found evidence that connected Daniel Printz, 59, from Rutherford County, to three other missing women. He admitted to hiding four bodies, but ultimately he was only charged in one murder.

Printz admitted to investigators that he hid four other bodies, in addition to the woman’s he pled guilty to in court.

Federal investigators said Printz approached Edna Suttles, 80, from South Carolina, at a grocery store. Printz bought a pack of yogurt before the two traveled back to her home, according to a release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Edna Suttles, 80, was killed by Daniel Printz, according to his guilty plea

Later, investigators found that Printz had added drugs to the yogurt to supposedly make Suttles more calm. The two returned to the grocery store, “where Printz was captured on surveillance video moving a visibly sedated Suttles from her vehicle and into his.”

Printz then brought Suttles back to his home in Boistic, North Carolina, — which is when the federal government got involved.

After being charged in federal court in May, Printz took law enforcement officers to where Suttles’ body was buried on a nearby property.

Agents found evidence that connected Printz to the disappearance of several other woman, including Dolores Sellers, from Mecklenburg County, her daughter Nancy Rego, from Gaston County, and Leigh Goodman, also from Gaston County.

Federal authorities emphasized that Printz was a “monster” who had a pattern of targeting, kidnapping and killing women.

“He has earned every day of his life sentence, and our communities are safer with him in a prison cell,” said U.S. Attorney Corey Ellis for the District of South Carolina. “We are grateful that the court delivered justice and we hope it provides some measure of comfort for the victims’ families.”

Federal documents said Printz wanted to “disclose his sins” to investigators, and he admitted he had helped buried four other bodies earlier in his life. It’s unclear if those bodies are also the three missing women federal authorities connected him to.

Printz told investigators he “hypothetically” helped a close friend with “the euthanasia of a family member,” according to a search warrant. Then Printz killed the friend involved after the friend expressed he had “remorse” for the killing and said he was going to tell authorities.

Printz also told investigators that he was trying to “help” another friend, but they “ended up dying.” Instead of reporting the death to police, he buried the body and continued to collect this friend’s social security benefits.

Printz also told investigators about an instance in which someone tried to rob him, and he killed the robber and disposed of their body, according to a federal search warrant.

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