Raleigh community activists insist “We can't be numb” to gun violence

8 July 2022

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) — Diana Powell wants to know where the outcry is after a man was shot and killed in Raleigh Friday.

It makes four homicides just this week in the Capitol City.

“Where are our government officials? Are we doing enough? Is there enough being said on Jones Street?” she said. “We say Raleigh is not that bad. We say it’s not as bad as Durham, it’s not as bad as Fayetteville. But one life is bad and when we start losing children, it should be a wakeup call.”

Powell, head of the non-profit Justice Served NC, said she hasn’t stopped crying over what happened Tuesday when a man shot and killed his 23-month-old son.

“We got to keep pushing the agenda that it has to stop, we have to keep fighting and bring awareness that this thing is real,” she said.

Raleigh’s Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin said they are addressing gun violence with a new prevention program and the use of social workers to address mental health and other issues.

She also said the Metropolitan Mayor’s Association has had conversations with the Governor’s office and the Department of Public Safety on ways to combat gun violence through education and other campaigns.

“But the government can’t do this alone,” Mayor Baldwin said. “This is a complex issue, and we need the community to come together to find solutions.”

Powell said more people have to be involved at all levels from city council to county commissioners to pastors to community organizers.

“Even the grandmothers,” she said.

Powell was frustrated that only 100 people showed up to the Gun Violence Awareness Day last month.

“That park should’ve been packed out,” she said.

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