Viral moment: Golfer scores first hole-in-one, followed by albatross on Raleigh course

24 June 2022

— A round of golf in Raleigh this week may be one for the record books. A golf professional made a hole in one, and immediately followed it up with an albatross – one of the rarest scores in the game. That’s a 2 on a par 5!

News of the back-to-back feat has gone viral on social media.

The golfer reflected on his unforgettable game.

Just like that, with a single swing, Billy Deming made the magic happen. From 210 yards away, he landed that bucket list hole-in-one – his first ever.

“I really just wanted one before I died,” says Deming.

Forty years old, he’s a golf pro at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course. His fellow pros captured the magical moment on video – never expecting an even more rare feat was about to occur.

Then, it was on to the next hole – a daunting par 5, meaning it should take an expert golfer five strokes to get the ball into the hole.

“The first swing was off the tee box, off the black tees in the very back there,” says Deming.

His second swing, visible as a divot in the grass from his club, was from 235 yards out. And it went straight into the hole.

He had just achieved the fabled albatross, also known as a double eagle.

“I just could not even believe it. Really. It was like I was dreaming, honestly,” he recalls. “The hole before, I just made a hole in one, so I was already on a high.”

Google it: You’ll see how rare that is, even among the Tigers and Nicklauses and Palmers of the world.

And right after a hole in one? Nearly unheard of.

“From what I learned on Google, I haven’t seen anybody do it back to back,” he says. “Somebody’s done it in a round within a four-hole stretch, but not back to back.”

The guys were so over the moon, they forgot to shoot video of the double eagle.

But head golf pro Scott Clagg can testify to the unbelievable history made that day.

“I mean, it was just unbelievable. That’s all we kept saying,” he says. “Is this really happening? What just happened right now? Because it’s something I thought would never happen and definitely never witness in person.”

Billy Deming is one masterful golfer.

“A lot of skill. He hit great shots, but also a lot of luck for it to actually go in the hole,” says Clagg. “And for it to happen after your first hole-in-one? I mean, put it in the record books!”

“It’s like seeing a yellow unicorn dunking a basketball!” mused WRAL anchor Gerald Owens. “You’re never going to see it. That’s unbelievable!”

Even if he doesn’t make history, this golf pro made viral magic that day.

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